Professionals in a writing room did not create the story being told by these two. It was crafted by fate and over a decade of knowing this is where they would end up together. With two powerful voices and perspectives, Graci Carli and Tony Bush weave together songs of growth, empowerment and love to let listeners in on what it's like to simultaneously struggle and succeed. 

Currently based out of Brooklyn, the 80’s inspired pop-rock duo, Graci and Tony combine their vocals and musical styling to that of Debbie Harry, Kenny Loggins and Michael Jackson. 

Starting in Ohio band The Chasing Game, Graci is the sister to Hawthorne Heights’ lead guitar player, Micah Carli; singing guest vocals on their platinum selling album ‘The Silence in Black and White’. Graci and Tony met on Tony’s first out of town show over a decade ago, went on to sing guest vocals on Scene’s from a Movie’s debut EP, and from there, the two became best friends. 

Graci and Tony have the unique ability to make everyone feel at home. There’s enough nostalgia in the production to take the listener back to a time in their life that they felt safe. There is enough drama and insight in the lyrics to be relatable. There is chemistry between the two on stage that assures the listener that they are watching the real deal. 

With a knack for leaving the listener hanging on, it is not uncommon for a brief silence to accompany the end of a song before the audience catches up with what they just heard.  And sharing in the belief that levity is the great equalizer, those moments are usually bookended with some quick wit as the two have moments between themselves and the audience alike.



This EP is the culmination of over a decade of friendship and half a decade of sharing a life together. Graci and Tony's story started with music and has reached an apex withe music. Weaving itself into the fabric of their very being. 

SLEEP/OVER represents the nights that they spent on the phone as kids. Never really realizing that they were talking to the person that they would ultimately spend the rest of their lives with. 

It also signifies what it means for the "sleep" to be over. To be awakened. To be aware of what it means to live outside of themselves and for other people. 

This is a journey of love, growth, pain, and ultimately triumph. 




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Posted @withrepost • @tonydoesntknow Friday night I got to do something that has been nothing short of the most important decision of my life. I got to ask the woman of my dreams, my queen, @gracicarli to marry me. Not only did she say yes, we were fortunate enough to share that moment in front of family and friends, both in person and watching from afar. She has been my rock, my muse, my angel for so many years and now I officially get to tell the world that she is off the market! (Me too) I very much appreciate all of the love and support we’ve received so far and for so long. Thank you all. And thank you my love for making me the happiest man on the damn planet. T ? @jeffbrutschephoto

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